Our Vineyard

Our winery rests on the edge of the Sonoma Mountain appellation in the heart of the Sonoma Valley

Organic farming at its finest

Our vineyard rests on the edge of the Sonoma Mountain appellation in Sonoma Valley. It is a classic hillside vineyard made up of 4 blocks – 2 Cabernet Sauvignon blocks on the upper ‘hotter’ slopes, Sangiovese in the middle block, and Zinfandel in the lower block, all in a contiguous vineyard footprint.

Over 3 harvests, the yields have been about equal across the 3 varieties, and the resulting ‘field blend’ is co-fermented in that exact proportion. Our vineyard is farmed fully organically and a result, since commercial herbicides are not used to knock down weeds, we spare no expense to hand weed and care for the vineyard.  


Each years’ vintage is carefully managed to draw out the attributes of the vintage, taking into consideration at first the youth of the vineyard, and later, deeper extractions. Our blends are hard for even professional wine connoisseurs to figure our.  Our masterful blends include Cabernet which produces color and deep extracted tannins, Sangiovese with it’s zippy acidity, and Zinfandel which ads a unique spice.